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The President, Founder and Owner of Hawthorne Management Mr. Joe Aiken is/was a North Carolina CPA, License #11760.

However, the CPA Licensing Board states that Mr. Aiken "signed a Form of Practice affidavit stating that because the individual practices public accounting in a form not approved by the Board, he or she will not use the CPA title in any way." Yet, I found many references all over the Internet of Mr. Aiken being referred to as Joseph Aiken CPA. Does this company lack ethics, integrity and principles from the top down.

I think they do. Don't call yourself a CPA if the authorizing body says you can't and you sign an Affidavit agreeing.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #846696

Hawthorne management are by far the worst. I normally pay my HOA dues off the first of the year except for this year (note I have been in my home for over 7 years) due to other issues like termite that I had to pay to get treated which I thought that the HOA was suppose to take care of.

So I paid half in the beginning of the year which left me with like 30.00shorts in July... they sent me a message to notify me but NO WHERE in this letter did it say anything about cutting off my water. I have been living here for almost 8 years and they didn't have the decency to let me I didn't have an issue with paying the $30.00 I was just going to just pay the remaining balance for the year at the beginning of August. And in the later that they sent me was stating everything they so called do for us but since I have been here I haven't seen the outcome of anything the do other then cut the grass which by the way I dont have any.

And I am lucky if the cute my tress down.the last time I went to the pool it was dirty and I haven't been back yet (2 years ago).

And the icing on the is that now I found out that they increased or dues to pay for a house that was foreclosed on is ridiculous. If Storeroom dont hire another Homeowner association they will be purchasing another foreclose home.

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #934981

Contact me I would love to hear the story. Hawthorne is going from bad to worse and we need to do something about it.

contact me.

pissed off joe.

Olathe, Colorado, United States #255540


We used to be with Hawthorne Management and switched to Cedar Management and the whole community is much happier. The difference is stark.

Cedar is very personal service and they go out of their way to serve us as cusomters.

Whereas Hawthorne we were just one of thousands they manage and were always arrogant and rude and like what the *** do you want now, deal with it we other things to do. ;)

Parrish, Florida, United States #250474

Wow? That is surprising if he is doing that.

Do you know if he is the one we are paying to audit our HOA financial statements? That would seem like a conflict of interest.

to John Florence, Mississippi, United States #648550

We requested an audit for the neighborhood as well and learned that the HOA and board of directors purchased a foreclosed home. They are now stating that they are renting it out to generate income for the community.

However, they fail to see the bigger picture with regards to this property. First they had to use funds from our fees in order to buy the home. They hid the purchase of this home from our community until we petitioned for a breakdown of financials this year. Also, the interior of this home had to have appliances and repairs.

Where is that money coming from? Let me guess, OUR RESERVE! Then they have raised our HOA fees again this year and stated that the reason was due to not having enough in the reserve. I don't pay my dues for them to go behind our backs and start buying up property.

And for those who may be skeptical about what I am saying, I have done the research and they purchased that house for roughly 6,000 according to tax records.

I think we should get rid of them and I will try to get as many people together to fight against them. Charlotte NC

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